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Scott Gamble

Web Developer, Artist, Game Maker, Robot Enthusiast, Space Wizard

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I like art. Like, a lot.

This is a small selection of pieces I've made digitally, with pixels, 3d, ink, and more.

Building worlds is hella fun!

Video games have been a part of my life since I was just a wee babby. I love nothing more than when I get a chance to make some of my own.

dig dig title! dig dig dig!

Dig Dig — Pico 8 (2017)

Dig Dig is a game I made in a couple weeks to familiarize myself with Pico-8, an all-in-one 8 bit game engine. It was fun being able to make all the assets and logic in one IDE, and I'm a sucker for pixel art and 8bit music.

I had to use some clever workarounds to get past the map's 128 x 128 tile limit, and to get large number storage to keep those hi-scores high ;)

The goal of the game is to dig as deep as you can, collecting lots of valuable loot along the way, until you run out of fuel.

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Dungeon of Flowers — Phaser (2016)

Every year there is this really awesome event called the Famicase Cover Art Show. This spawned A Game By Its Cover, a game jam where you take those fake Famicom cartridges and turn them into playable games.

Dungeon of Flowers was developed in about a month based on the very awesome concept by Ribbon Black. The game was built in Phaser, a Javascript web game engine.

In it, you play as a pink-haired knight, determined to reach the depths of the dungeon. The game is largely procedural and has no end, so keep hacking your way (the walls are desructible) as deep as you can get.

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color coded

Color Coded — HTML5 + JS (2015)

You ever get that urge to build something entirely from scratch? This was Color Coded for me. I really wanted to better understand Javascript, HTML5 Canvas and, more generally, how some broader game programming concepts worked. I learned a lot about preloading assets, the game loop, animations and interpolation. The end result was this neat prototype!

In Color Coded, you match 3 or more colors, or 2 pairs of colors to form their additive secondary colors (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta). By combining one of each (Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta) you get a rainbow piece!

This one never really left the ground floor, but overall I'm happy with where it ended up. Watch out for those null pieces!

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This is me.

In my life I've had the privilege of working on a wide variety of projects. I'm always looking for new ways to tell a story, a new world to build, or a new challenge to tackle.

In addition to the work shown here, I work as a web developer. I'm currently developing cool new ways to tell stories at Brit + Co.

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